We’re Official Now. Because, Press Release

We’re Still Excited.

We’re not always this self-centered, but with today’s press release, we’re continuing our excitement about OneDemand’s re-launch, and further solidifying our commitment to helping law firms move forward both in operational efficiency and digital exposure.

Press Release Link

We are on the road today, so we’ll be back next week with some details about what we are currently learning, where we’ve been this week, and how we are investing in ourselves to help your law firm go next-level. Stay excited.

Scott J. Jackson, Esq.
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We no longer actively blog, we’ve shed many of our former lines of business, and we’ve shifted away from our prior focus on the legal vertical. We now do what we've always done best - build websites, develop solutions, and try our best to make SQL Server sexy - but in any industry. Still, we hope you’ll find our thoughts from “back in the day” interesting! --The OneDemand Team