Our Story Begins Again With Disruptive Legal CTO Services

The Past.

We’re new, but we’re not new. Originally founded in 2011, OneDemand’s roots in law and technology go back to 1999. Over that time, we’ve built quite a story: We straddled both law and technology to build a law firm from one employee to over 200 employees and $25mm in annual revenue, eventually rising to managing partner (and later overseeing a merger of the firm). We’ve founded and run an IT Department, and even found the time to code, release, and support Symphony – a specialized enterprise-level SaaS case management solution used today by over 14,000 users, and the subject of multiple patents.

There’s much more to our story, of course, but it’s now the history behind us. While we’re proud of what we’ve done, we’re far more excited about where we’re headed. With OneDemand’s 2015 re-branding now complete, our story begins again.

The Now.

We are convinced technology has matured to the point it is fundamentally altering how clients and lawyers find each other, and how lawyers must operate their practices. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll share on here more about why we believe this, and why we think it is critically important for law firms to act on it sooner rather than later.

OneDemand was rebuilt and re-branded to democratize the new digital economy, bringing full-scale legal CTO services to law firms and lawyers on an outsourced, fractional, and targeted basis. We want to challenge the notion that only “big law” can afford the benefits of a legal CTO, and reject the implication that the fruits of the digital economy are limited to firms that have already reached a certain qualifying size. We started in a small firm, and we used technology to grow the firm and disrupt how legal services were delivered in our industry. Our passion is taking what we’ve learned and helping other law firms do the same in their industries.

We’ll be writing here about the disruptive power of technology on traditional law firm methods and models, and help you with hacks to make your daily legal practice more productive. We’ll also be writing about things we are learning, asking questions, and giving insights on our entrepreneurial journey. Not every post will be as formal and business-like as this one, but that’s the point: What we do at OneDemand involves observations and conversations, and we want you to join in.

Join In.

Tell us in the comments, in social media, or via email or phone, about the technology challenges your law firm is facing, how you are facing them, and about how you are disrupting the delivery of legal services in your industry. What success stories can you share? What new technologies are you looking into? We’re not going to sell you anything (unless, of course, you want us to) – we’re listening, learning, and moving the business of law forward together.

So, here we go. OneDemand’s story begins again, with disruptive legal CTO services. This is who we are. This is what we do. Get excited, and join in.

Scott J. Jackson, Esq.
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